Stanford Faculty Development Series Fall 2017

Stanford Faculty Development Series


Stanford Faculty Development Series for Assistant Professors

The Stanford Faculty Development Series consists of seven sessions that each include a didactic module, video review and a role play exercises. Each session will be held monthly at the SOM Ed Building.

This program is offered by Clinical Professor of Medicine Alina Popa, M.D., who is a certified facilitator for the Clinical Teaching Stanford Faculty Development program.

Pictured above is the inaugural class from Fall 2017. From left, Popa, Anita Hadpawat-Lee, Meera Nair, Nicholas DiPatrizio, Kimberly Tustison, J. Whitney Griffith, and Rosemary Tyrrell.

Please email to reserve your seat or call the Office of Academic Affairs at (951) 827-7687 for more information.

Session Topics

  • Learning climate
  • Control of teaching session
  • Communication of goals
  • Promotion of understanding and retention
  • Evaluation
  • Feedback
  • Self-directed learning

Example: Learning Climate - Goals and Objectives

The learning climate is the tone or atmosphere of the teaching setting and sets the stage for learning. It allows the learners and teachers to address the question: do I want to be in this teaching/learning setting? The learning climate can be influenced by the teacher, learner and content. Optimizing the educational climate is essential to enhancing effective learning and minimizing learner mistreatment. After this seminar, participants will be able to:

  • Define educational concepts and name key components of learning climate.
  • Recognize teaching behaviors relevant to creating an effective learning climate.
  • Identify specific teaching behaviors relevant to learning climate that they will implement following the seminar.