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Workshop on White Fragility 

Purchase the book: White Fragility: Why It's So Hard for White People to Talk about Racism



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Clinical Teaching Resource: Teaching Physician

The University of California, Riverside School of Medicine has purchased, an online resource dedicated to supporting community preceptors and faculty as they train the next generation of physicians.

The site contains over 100 pages of content in 12 different sections. Each section contains quick tips, videos, audio interviews, answers to frequently asked questions, and links to in-depth resources. Faculty can earn up to 40.00 CME by reading the content on the website.

For login information contact the Office of Faculty Development.


Recommended Readings


The Art of Delegation is an article in the National Center for Faculty Development & Diversity that discusses the influence of delegating tasks. Check it out.

Should You Allow Laptops in Class? Here's What the Latest Study Adds to That Debate is an article in The Chronicle of Higher Education that discusses results from a replication study for the oft-referenced Mueller and Oppenheimer 2014 study. It's clear that the jury is still out, but this new study brings more nuance to the discussion.

The National Teaching & Learning Forum publishes an online journal with a wealth of information on teaching and learning. When reading it on campus, I was able to get full access to all articles through the UC library.  Check it out.

A great article from James Lang, author of Small Teaching on How to Teach a First Day of Class

Some excellent advice on how to get writing into a busy teaching schedule. The Worst Writing Advice in the World.

This is a great, short piece on how to make sure you get student buy-in for the content you are teaching. Focus Your Lectures with the One-Sentence Lesson Plan

This narrowly focused study looks at whether or not the use of active learning strategies had a negative impact on student evaluations of teaching. (Spoiler alert - they didn't!) Will my student evaluations decrease if I adopt
an active learning instructional strategy?

Interesting article from Medical Education: The knowledge paradox: the more I know, the less I can clearly explain