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In October, The Office of Faculty Development presented The Conference on Teaching and Learning 2021, a regional medical education conference sponsored by the UCR School of Medicine. The theme this year was Teaching Under the Umbrella of Today’s Climate. Sessions included threads on teaching medical students and residents; diversity, equity, and inclusion in medical education; innovative teaching with technology; and much more.

To be or not to be continued...moving the Pre-Clerkship Curriculum past the Pandemic. 

As the COVID-19 pandemic forced schools to abruptly adapt their standard in-person curriculum to an online format, one main question comes to focus: what benefits does an online curriculum have over an in-person one? In this active discussion session, medical students describe how the Medical Physiology course at the University of California, Irvine, School of Medicine was implemented for the first-year medical student class in the fall of 2020. Afterward, they will facilitate discussion between different institutions on how they handled this shift and the various aspects of the virtual curriculum that should be implemented in future iterations of the traditional in-person curriculum.

To see more videos from our Conference on Teaching and Learning 2021: Click here!

Faculty Spotlight

Dr. Brigham Willis
Senior Associate Dean, Medical Education
Dr. Willis


We had a chance to ask Dr. Willis a few questions about teaching and Medical Education. See what he has to say.

What drew you to teaching?

I have been interested in teaching since a fairly young age. I remember tutoring other students in high school, and worked my way through college as a Chemistry tutor. I have always just loved the process of learning, and the satisfaction of being able to help someone approach a difficult concept and master it.

What is the most important lesson about teaching have you learned that you would like to pass on to other faculty members?

That the only effective teaching is that which provokes engaged and active learning. Making things relevant to students, making the learning effortful, making it fun, is what really makes teaching effective.

What advice would you give someone new to teaching?

Teach what you know, and what you love. Passion goes a long way.

Where do you see medical education going in the next 5 years?

I see a continued progression to virtual and asynchronous delivery of almost all factual content. It is just way more efficient. As teachers, we will need to rapidly innovate and convert curricula to active methods, with application and knowledge use replacing traditional factual delivery. Students can get facts anywhere nowadays; we need to show them why they are relevant, and how to use them.

What's coming up

In November we continue our Advanced Clinical Teaching Series with Small-Group Teaching. 

Case-based learning, teaching rounds, problem-based learning, simulations, patient presentations are all ways we teach in small groups in medical education. But what constitutes good teaching in small groups? Join us throughout November to discover the benefits of small group teaching, ways to establish a learning group, and methods to make small groups work.

See all of our upcoming sessions here.

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Teaching Physician is back! Email the Office of Faculty Development for more information. FacultyDevelopment@medsch.ucr.edu

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