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One-on-One Consultation

No time to attend a workshop? Meet with an educational consultant. One-on-one consultation can help you with a variety of issues, from simple matters like creating better PowerPoints to more complicated challenges like instructional design, the Office of Faculty Development stands ready to assist you.

Teaching Observation

Some professors find it helpful to have an objective individual observe their teaching and provide feedback. An outside observer can see things you may not be aware of and has no ulterior motive in providing feedback other than to help you.

An educational specialist can sit in on your class, PBL, or other teaching session and meet with you privately to provide feedback. The Office of Faculty Development teaching observation is completely confidential and will not affect your promotions or other administrative evaluations. Feedback will not be shared with anyone other than you.

UCR SOM Resident Teaching Skills Website

Tools to help residents become great teachers, including the Bringing Education & Service Together (BEST) Curriculum, the Clinical Teaching Perception Inventory, and Resident Teaching websites. (Please note that the link will take you away from this website.)

Instructional Design Services

Learner experience is the key to the success of any learning program. As instructional designers, we integrate synchronously, asynchronously, and blended learning into captivating experiences. The instruction design team creates, enhances, and maintains authorizing platforms and modules to create an experience that captures the attention of your learners. Contact us to see how we can help.



"This course series helped me learn some life-long skills on how to become a better academic clinician, from creating learning outcomes to providing appropriate feedback. Each course was tailored to fit my needs and deficiencies as an academic physician. After completing the course series, I feel more confident when it comes to teaching my residents whether in lecture or by the bedside."

Sara Forouhar
Assistant Clinical Professor, Health Sciences, UCR School of Medicine